Make the big time where you are

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The I Lied trope as used in popular culture. Stock Phrase uttered in response to You Said You Would Let Them Go or a similar expression of shock at a broken … Big O notation - Wikipedia On the other hand, exponentials with different bases are not of the same order. For example, 2 n and 3 n are not of the same order. Big Time Gaming Software Review | It makes no difficulties for Big Time casino to provide with the best software numerous gambling establishments all over the world including Canada. Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres > iPad, iPhone, Android

big time n. Informal The most prestigious level of attainment in a competitive field: made it to the big time with his latest film. big′-tim′er n. big time n informal a. the big time the highest or most profitable level of an occupation or profession, esp the entertainment business b. (as modifier): a big-time comedian. ˈbig-ˈtimer n big′ time ...

The Palm Woods. The Palm Woods Hotel is the fictional hotel where the Big Time Rush boys, Mrs. Knight and Katie Knight live in Hollywood. It is the main setting for the series and plenty of the scenes take place in the Palm Woods lobby, park or pool as well as in the apartments and even the air ducts. How Real People Make It Big | Make no mistake: It's still possible to make it big. It just takes some focus, and the ability to tune out the noise and the pomp. This is how real people who grew up with nothing end up making it ... Fans having a hard time saying goodbye to 'Big Bang Theory'

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Big-Lipped Alligator Moment - TV Tropes The Big-Lipped Alligator Moment trope as used in popular culture. A Non Sequitur is a bit or line of dialogue that is intentionally out of place, usually … You Bastard! - TV Tropes The You Bastard! trope as used in popular culture. So there you are, reading a book or playing a game. Within the media, whatever it may be, is some rather … Overshadowed by Awesome - TV Tropes