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Q&A: What is the meaning of the term "POKER FACE"? | Paly… Answer below! Tags: Face, meaning, Poker, term.anti usa Says: June 23rd, 2010 at 8:17 pm. it’s a plastic surgery made on face by poker players.because while player losing the game,his face turns red or chage color.so another players notice his bad hand… poker-faced | meaning of poker-faced in Longman Dictionary… poker-faced meaning, definition, what is poker-faced: showing no expression on your face: Learn more.From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoker-facedˌpoker-ˈfaced adjective EXPRESSION ON somebody'S FACEshowing no expression on your face a poker-faced officer... poker face - WordReference.com Dictionary of English an expressionless face:He can tell a funny story with a poker face. a person who has or deliberately assumes a poker face:It is impossible to tell what that poker face is really thinking.informal a face without expression, as that of a poker player attempting to conceal the value of his cards. What is poker face

What does the idiom 'Poker face' mean? Discover the definition of 'Poker face' in our extensive dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions.

Poker Face (Lady Gaga song) - Wikipedia "Poker Face" is a song by American singer Lady Gaga from her debut studio album, The Fame (2008). It was released on September 26, 2008 as the album's second single. "Poker Face" is a synth-pop song in the key of G ♯ minor, following in the footsteps of her previous single "Just Dance", but with a darker musical tone. Poker Face | Definition of Poker Face by Merriam-Webster

Meaning of Poker Face.A poker face, on the other hand, is a face that lacks all facial expression. The term comes from the game of poker, in which players need to maintain impassive facial expressions so they donÊt let Facial Proverbs, Idioms, and Metaphors | other ...

Poker dictionary definition | poker defined poker definition: a card game in which the players bet on the value of their hands ... THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ... Is it bad to have a poker face? - Quora Many people would say maintaining a poker face is an enviable skill, ... Do you mean in a poker game or do you mean in some other context? Lady Gaga Reveals Hidden True Meaning Behind 'Poker Face' Hit ...

Meaning : If you have a poker face, you show no emotion at all. Usage : In spite of the repeated details of the events, the criminal kept a poker face.

The Meaning of POKER FACE. POKER FACE means "Expressionless face". So now you know - POKER FACE means "Expressionless face" - don't thank us. YW! What does POKER FACE mean? POKER FACE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the POKER... what is the meaning of poker face? | Yahoo Answers Face with no expression, you can't tell what the person is thinking or feeling, just a blank look. poker face Definition of poker face in the Idioms Dictionary. poker face phrase. What does poker face expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.and Poker Face, LLC have teamed up to unite the most trafficked humor network on the internet with what is arguably one the hottest and stickiest... What is a poker face? - Quora